Common Signs Your Tyres Need Replacing

Warning lights on the interior of modern vehicles can tell you that you have an issue with your tyres, however many vehicles that are over 5 years old do not have indicators regarding tyre pressure. Taking care of your tyres will ensure you can get to your destination safely, with good fuel economy and without having to stop to deal with a puncture or even worse a sudden blowout. Like most parts of your vehicle, tyres will have specific signs and signals they need to be replaced. Here are some of the most common signs you need to look for.

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Low or Uneven Tread

One of the most noticeable signs your tyres need replacing is the amount of tread they have. New tires have deep tread lines that allow them to hold on to the road, but over time, rubber wears tread away. If you notice your tread has diminished substantially, your tyres will need to be replaced soon. Uneven tyre tread can indicate your tyres need to be rotated or balanced to ensure even wear. Uneven wear can lead to higher petrol costs because of diminished fuel economy, so always ensure your tyres are rotated and balanced regularly.

Tyre wear can occur over time, but uneven wear can be the result of not only tyre pressure issues, but bumps in the tyre as well. Tyres are constructed to maintain their structure with a steel belted system designed to hold its rounded shape ideal for driving. Unfortunately, sometimes the steel belted system can become corrupted and expand into tyre bumps. On the surface, these bumps might mean nothing and many drivers will continue to drive on them. Eventually, the ride will become uncomfortably rough and the risk of a blowout while driving increases. Take your vehicle to a car servicing location at the first sign of a rough ride to avoid the potential for a tyre blow out.

Cracks in the Tyre

New tires are composed of supple rubber that expands and contracts as it is supposed to with no visible cracking, but as the tyre ages, small cracks can appear. A few small abrasions may seem like nothing on the surface, and in many instances, they are not an issue, but the small cracks eventually turn into larger ones. Notice any cracks in your tyres and monitor them. If you notice expansion or the appearance of more cracking, consult qualified garage services in your area. Neglecting to keep a check on cracking can eventually result in a shredded tyre and the potential for damage to other parts of your vehicle.

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